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Agenda 2030 Kino Spezial: Living the Change Als iCal-Datei herunterladen
Dienstag, 22. Mai 2018, 20:00

Agenda 2030 Kino Spezial - "Living the Change"

Dienstag, 22. Mai 20:00 - 22:00 Uhr | z-bau

Filmsprache: Englisch ohne Untertitel

Sometimes it can feel like the environmental, economic and social issues the world is currently facing are too big, too overwhelming, to be dealt with by individuals. Climate change, resource limits, economic downturn, social disconnection. Surely these issues can only be properly managed by our governments? Living the Change explores solutions to the global crises we face today – solutions any one of us can be part of – through the inspiring stories of people pioneering change in their own lives and in their communities in order to live in a sustainable and regenerative way. Directors Jordan Osmond and Antoinette Wilson have brought together stories from their travels around New Zealand, along with interviews with experts able to explain how we come to be where we are today.

Im Anschluss an den Film wird die Möglichkeit zur Diskussion und Gesprächen mit lokalen Akteuren in diesem Bereich geben! Den Trailer zum Film findest du HIER

Dieser Film wird vom Bluepingu e.V. im Rahmen des „Stadt für Alle“ Festivals (www.stadtfüralle.de) vom 14.05.-03.06. gezeigt

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